Ana Sayfa Ekonomi Türk Turizm Sektöründe Fiyat Stratejisi ve Turist Tercihleri

Türk Turizm Sektöründe Fiyat Stratejisi ve Turist Tercihleri

Türk Turizm Sektöründe Fiyat Stratejisi ve Turist Tercihleri

2023: Zorlu Başlangıç ve Rekabet Kaybı

2023 yılı, deprem ve bölgesel çatışmalarla zorlu bir başlangıç yaşayan Türk turizm sektörü, sezonu geç açtı. Fiyat stratejisi ve deprem korkusu nedeniyle zengin turistler rakiplere kaptırıldı. Hem sahil kesimlerinde hem de şehir otellerinde ani ve büyük fiyat artışları yaşandı. Türkiye, diğer ülkelere göre %30 daha pahalı olduğu için Dubai, Paris, ve Yunanistan gibi alternatif destinasyonlar tercih edildi.

2024: İyimser Beklentiler ve Fiyat Düşüşü

This year, the sector started the season well, with prices falling 15-20% below last year’s levels. Swissotel the Bosphorus Istanbul General Manager Uğur Talayhan stated that they expect a positive trend for 2024, with anticipated occupancy rates being met. Talayhan emphasized that the sector entered the year more cautiously and evaluated the 2023 situation as follows: “Last year, Turkey was not in a good position in terms of pricing strategy. They thought that the previous year would repeat. Our name became expensive. We stopped attracting the big spenders. The price of a holiday in Turkey was the same as two holidays for Europeans. They would go to Egypt and then to Italy. We lost tourists from Istanbul to Paris and Berlin. Portugal and Greece had a super season last year as a result of our mistake. The prices were so affordable that even Turks went to Greece instead of Antalya.”

Comparing to last year, Talayhan mentioned that prices in Istanbul are 15-20% lower this year, indicating that Turkey has reached the price level it should be. Talayhan also highlighted that price increases in areas such as food and beverages affect tourist flows.

Kongrelerin Geri Dönüşü ve Beklentiler

One of the most important developments this year is the return of meetings and congress tourism, according to Uğur Talayhan. “Meetings have started to come. We have received large groups and will continue to do so in the last quarter. It wasn’t like that last year,” he said. Talayhan stated that Swissotel has reached a 70% occupancy rate and estimated a 45-50% occupancy rate for Istanbul in general. Talayhan expressed optimism for May in terms of Istanbul, expecting intense tourist traffic from the Middle East in June, July, and August. He added, “Russians are going to Dubai, Egypt, and Bali. Prices are more affordable there. We are 30% more expensive compared to other countries.”